- Sieger Edition


- Added "Sieger Mode".
   - Play a single, longer, intense stage that tests your mastery of the game's mechanics with situations you would typically only encounter in the later loops of Chimera Mode.
  - A full playthrough will take around 10 minutes.
  - There are separate leaderboards for Sieger Mode.
  - The mode is unlocked by beating Jaeger Mode once (works retroactively as well).

- Fixed some stage layouts.
- When getting a golden shield kill on the last Stage 3 boss, there will only be a skip portal, no regular portal (picking the non-skip portal offers no advantage).
- Removed bullet and laser boss options from the Command Ship boss fight - they are now all missiles only (there was too much room for farming from the bullets and too many cheap deaths from the lasers).
- Wilsons during the Command Ship boss fight spawn earlier.
- Most enemies (mainly bluetooth speakers) will fire a bit later to avoid spawn kills and bullshit from behind.
- Slowed down enemies' EX beam attacks.
- Fixed multiple portals having intersecting triggers.
- Fixed a janky movement patttern (circling downwards enemies, e.g. beginning of Krieger Mode 1 - 1).
- Changed diagonally moving laser drones to a different movement pattern with no acceleration.


- Added two new arranged versions of all stage tracks for later loop.
- Added a unique track with changing phases for the last boss.
- All music again done by Ed Tremblay.
- Changed the music playing during the credits.
- Made music changes much more snappy.


- Fixed some bugs related to disconnecting devices during gameplay.
- Fixed a bug causing the game to pause at the beginning of every stage when application focus is not set correctly.
- Removed stages from the Combat Training stage selection that should not be available for the selected mode (e.g. Hunter Boss in Jaeger Mode etc.).
- Removed the game version check message on startup, not really required anymore.
- Added Sieger Mode to Combat Training.
- Added achievements and titles for beating and no-missing Sieger Mode.
- Fixed a bug that had one of Hydra's EX Missile cannons not fire.
- Fixed not being able to hold fire during a stage transition and continue firing again when permitted. Unfortunately, this is not possible when holding fire during the pause screen and the unpausing, due to the input system switching action maps.
- Fixed the "Really?!" achievement not unlocking.
- Reworked the resolution settings. The available resolutions should now better reflect the resolutions actually available on the current screen.
- Removed very low and "unnatural" resolutions.


- Added a message when connecting/disconnecting an input device.
- Added more details to run data on the leaderboards.
- Made the score display wider so SteakEater's scores can fit in there.
- Added an additional indicator to the UI when the multiplier is active.
- Fixed meters not resetting correctly on subsequent runs.


- Added options to turn off bullet collection and weapon impact VFX.


- Updated the sprites of the Elite Mechs to make them more disctinct and also clearly illustrate their attitude.
- Added some bigger asteroids to the background of some asteroid fields.
- Added some VFX to main bosses switching phases.
- Added a bit of blur to the shield counter shader.
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause explosion sprites to obscure gameplay.
- Added green damage particles for infected enemies.
- Player missiles' trails will grow bigger with higher multiplier numbers (similar to player projectiles) to indicate higher damage output.
- Updated some UI sprites.
- Improved hit effects and fixed some hit effects having the wrong color.
- Fixed one of the big ships in the background of stage 2 being on the wrong layer.


- Physics and thus CPU performance should be much improved during gameplay due to a reduced number of intersecting hitboxes on stage hazards.

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