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Outnumbered and outgunned in deep space? No problem! Turn your enemies' attacks into pure bullet heaven with your advanced Schildmaid technology and start collecting dangerous projectiles to power up your ship and score big! But when your shield runs out and danger time kicks in, you better switch up your strategy fast...

Schildmaid MX is a fresh, new and shiny 2D shoot 'em up in which you pick 1 of 3 ferocious space fighter crafts to wreak havoc on the invasion fleet that threatens your planet. Embark on multiple attack runs and put fear in the hearts of the enemy. The best pilots are immortalized on the online leaderboards!

Schildmaid MX features:

  • delicious bullet absorbing scoring mechanics;
  • a friendly difficulty curve for beginners in Jaeger Mode
  • instant action and a frantic challenge for veteran shmup players in Krieger Mode;
  • a true endless survival gauntlet for the most die hard players in Chimera Mode; 
  • a short and seriously spicy playthrough that tests your mastery of the game's mechanics in Sieger Mode;
  • extra versions of both Jaeger Mode and Krieger Mode that push scoring and survival past their original limits;
  • multiple secret boss fights that activate via specific player actions and achievements; 
  • 3 selectable ships;
  • unlockable color customization for your ships;
  • numerous loops that progressively introduce new enemies and situations across most game modes;
  • more than 40 handcrafted stages, spread out over the different game modes;
  • automatically saved checkpoints after each cleared stage in Jaeger Mode and EX Jaeger Mode;
  • online leaderboards with viewable replays and statistical breakdowns;
  • unlockable in-game achievements and titles for your player profile;
  • amazingly catchy OST by Ed Tremblay of Studio Mudprints;
  • optional proper CRT display emulation for a beautiful, nostalgic look.

Follow us on Twitter @HitPStudio and join the community on Discord

Minimum required system specs:

  • Dual core CPU
  • Intel HD 4000 integrated GPU
  • 4 GB RAM

Recommended system specs:

  • Quad core CPU
  • Dedicated GPU (GTX/Radeon)
  • 8 GB RAM

OS requirements:

Up to date Windows/macOS/Linux (tested on Ubuntu)


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

schildmaid-mx-windows.zip 914 MB
schildmaid-mx-mac.zip 914 MB
schildmaid-mx-linux.zip 918 MB

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not usually into non roguelikes, but I got this from the bundle for ukrane, and it's really fun


Thank you!

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Great game. It's been a while since I played some Shoot 'Em Up. It's really good to get the head pulsing. You could add the dragon and the girl riding the dragon as a future skin.


Thanks! Haha yeah, we were thinking about that :D The resolution might be a bit small for that, but it could be a thing for a sequel.

it would be really cool if new ships were added

That’s one for a sequel/next game :)


Hiya - love the game and happened to decide to play it yesterday just as the 2.0 release hit itch!  After updating, I'm having a few issues with Itch version 

I have problems with the leaderboards.  I'm getting a "0 of X leaderboards uploaded" error.  Additionally, I cannot seem to log into my account at all.  The login screen a "LOGIN" button at the top that has no effect, a vertical bar roughly a third of the way from the left and no text, and at the bottom the links to the EULA and privacy and data policies.  

Anything I should be trying?

Hey there, glad you enjoy it! As for the login, are you using the itch app? You need to in order to be able to log in (the game can only get the authorization through the app). Leaderboard entries will only upload after you log in.

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Small edit: Looks like you have an old account with an email address still. There was a bug in that prevented email login and that is so far only fixed in the Windows version ( Other versions will follow soon.

the text is all broken, and I don't know what to do

Which OS is that? I will take a look.

windows 10

I can't reproduce this, can we connect somewhere outside of the comments for faster communication? Join our Discord maybe? Link is on this page.


I was waiting for the Nintendo Switch Version,but now it's out on Steam so i decided to buy a Steam Deck to play Schildmaid MX.What could i say? The game is absolutely fantastic and worth the money.Thank's a lot to the development team behind Schildmaid MX for the hard work.Masterpiece.

Super happy to hear that!


This is so cool. Really fun shmup with a great twist on the genre. Great music and art direction too.

Thank you, much appreciated!


Bought it and beat it, I must say, pretty darn cool. Love the Neutral and Danger Shield design and the particle effects are surreal. Feels like a great throwback to 'faux 3D' from the PSX era. Great music too. Kudos!


Thank you so much! Keep checking back, we will have new content releasing later this year :)

Absolutely loved the music and adored the graphics! 


Thank you for the kind words!

Cool video! Always nice to see first impressions :)

The whole neutral shield and danger system is great UI design! Makes it very obvious and easy to know when you can and shouldn't absorb bullets. The additional languages for the announcer is a cherry on top.

The accessibility options are FAN-tastic! Heck, the toggle fire option should be mandatory for most shmups.

Thank you for the kind words! Toggle to fire should indeed be mandatory, shouldn’t it :)

Keep checking back, we’ll have some big updates coming later this year.

This is probably cuz I'm playing vanilla schildmaid from the Ukraine bundle, but there's an infinite laser weapon glitch for the red ship if you go through a portal to ther next stage while the laser is still firing

Hi, thanks for reporting! This bug is already fixed for an upcoming update, but I might backport it to the current version as well since multiple people have now come across it.

Game concept is great, but the controls are completely broken. My ship is constantly stuttering and stopping firing. Makes it pretty unplayable.

That doesn't sound right! Maybe you could come on our Discord so we could solve the issue? https://discord.gg/zUmgzHjP

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The game is awesome,i want to play it on my Nintendo Switch. What about a release date,when can we enjoy this great game ?

Thank you! We‘re working on a Steam and Switch version after that. No timeline yet, but we want to do it as quickly as possible :)

Keep it Up Cant wait to see whats next..Noisy Ether!!

Thank you!


What an awesome game this is. Great job guys! 😆👍

Much appreciated!

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Amazing shoot em up,  beautifull pixel art graphics, great music and original gameplay. I'm impressed, it's a great discovery. Congratulltions.

Thank you for the kind words!

Great game! I'll get that Krieger clear any try now...

Good luck! Let us know when you've done it!

The shield mechanic is a cool twist on shump gameplay!

Thank you!

Fantastic shmup with great innovative mechanics!

Thank you!

I'd heard the game was good going in but I'm very pleasantly surprised! The shield mechanic is a lot of fun to master and the game as a whole feels super polished. Fantastic soundtrack as well. Really looking forward to playing more!

Great, thank you for your kind comment!

Hi, the game is as said fantastic , however I cannot currently get the game to  work with the steam link app properly on my Samsung tv. The audio arrives ok and I see the picture trying to arrive but then iit seems to be  blocked by something that prevents this? Appreciate any help you folks can assist me with. 

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Interesting, personally I have no experience with that, but let’s try to figure it out! Best hit me up on our Discord server to see what we can do.


Edit: Did some quick testing on a Bravia with a DS4, no issues. Maybe it’s a resolution issue? Let me know your settings and I will try to reproduce them👌🏻

Thanks! Good to hear that it worked without any issues and it I suspect it's something on my pc stopping it from working. To be honest, to say  my pc is a bit of a mess at the moment would be an understatement, and I'm going to do a  complete reinstall soon.  This just means I cant delay it too much longer! The game just gets better and better the more I play it.Many thanks for the kind offer to try and replicate my settings.I don't want to take up you guys valuable time too much  so  when I've  got my pc in order and rebooted  etc a I still have probs I may bug you then to see if you can help me out. In the mean time I 'll enjoy he game on my sons very good gaming monitor at 120fps! Thanks again!

Any time you want us to take a further look at it (if the reinstall doesn’t fix it) you‘re welcome to hop on Discord! Or just come by and talk to fellow shmuppers :)

Saw the interview on Electric Umderground on YT and bought it.Phenomenal game with excellent sound,graphics but above all superb gameplay.  The gameplay is totally refreshing and untypical and very adddictive.Hope this is just the first of many innovative games from  this dev.

Thank you so much, appreciating the kind words! We’re just getting started :)

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Online leaderboard area states all entries have been uploaded but for some reason new high scores occasionally do not reflect on the online leaderboard.  This is an intermittent issue as it works perfectly sometimes.  

Thanks for the heads-up, looking into it.

In the meantime, you can manually upload an entry  from your local leaderboard again by selecting its info and pressing reupload.

Just bought the Game for windows, and it's amazing. Please can to add Ultra Wide Screen support, the game would look and play even better?

Thank you! We're looking into it. :)

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Love this freaking game brings me back to my childhood, and the soundtrack is crazy good please keep making more updates and more features if possible. Thank you.

Thanks! More updates and features are in the works indeed!

Just want to say this is one of the most fun and addictive shmups I've played in recent years.  Totally turns the tables on the regular old formula.  INTENSE!

Thanks and see you on the leaderboards!

This is amazing! What graphics lib did you use to do all the effects? Love your work!

Thank you! The effects are a combination of pre-rendered animations as well as pixelized CPU and GPU particle systems, running in Unity’s URP. Check out the blog post about the rendering and the VFX setup for some additional info.


Well done guys this Shoot em up is absolutely Awesome and love the original power up absorbing bullet shield system and loads of amazing game play value, by far the best bullet hell/heaven game out there yet, total masterpiece, love it....Both Thumbs UP!!!


Thank you for the kind words! We're working on some big updates, so stick around :)

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So Awesome, look forward and thank you for making a totally amazing game. :) 



dragons are pretty cool tbh

Aren't they? :D

Freaking awesome game! Love the ost, gameplay, addictive scoring system and there's a practice mode to boot, so I can die at the same point as many times and as quickly as I like xD Seriously though I think this is my favourite hori stg - I'm playing so many others but this feels like home - great work hitp!!!!

Thanks, scowsh! Appreciate your kind words and support a lot!

Absolutely fantastic side scrolling shooter.  Perfectly fits the description of easy to play, hard to master.  Different ships with very different mechanics switch up the gameplay and can add extra challenge for those skilled enough to master them.  Fun bosses and a unique bullet hoarding mechanic I've never seen before in a SHMUP.  Flips the genre on it's head until those bullets go red. 

Wonderful to read, thanks so much!


Inmstantly bought, great, easy to understand mechanics and difficulty pitched just right so far, had a few goes and having a blast. WIll most likely pick it up on Switch later as well. Top work!

Fantastic, thank you for your support and the kind feedback!


A STEAL for the price! Insanely high quality Shmup with innovative mechanics and feel, and crazy good visuals. Just keep an eye on those homing missiles and your own shields, pilots! BUY THIS NOW to support good Shmup devs and new games!!!


Bought, downloaded, and installed on day 1 --> Addicted since second 1! Most probably THE most exciting game in years! Well done boys! Kudos and a big thank you for the fun I have with Schildmaid.


Thank you so much! <3


Wow, thank you for the kind words!


Just got it, first impression is great! Soundtrack & visuals are top notch!


I'm happy to see it's out today! Purchased and highly looking forward to playing!



looking forward to release!

GREAT! Very nice to hear. :)

wait, it's released now?! congrats! are you planning on porting to console, too? my pc is occupied for work :(

Hi, sorry for the very late reply! Yes, we're working on console ports behind the scenes as well, first focusing on Nintendo Switch.

Great news, thanks for coming back!

i cant buy this, is it live yet?

Still in development! We hope to bring you good news in the coming months. 

Cool, thanks for the reply. 👍

You're welcome, thank you for your interest. :)

waiting immensely!!!at least the demo now!!success


Thank you! We're working very hard to release the game in the near future.

Found this via Retro Asylum.. Looks beautiful and fun! UN Squadron is one of my favorite shoot em ups too. Would definitely pick this one up if it releases on Switch (and probably for my Mac too if it's able to run it).

Thank you wiedo! Yes, the DANGER state in UN Squadron inspired our core mechanic. And we do have serious plans to release Schildmaid MX on Switch and perhaps other platforms as well.

Mac version will be there from the beginning 👍🏻

If your machine is not too old it should be able to handle it.



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